Today’s increasingly sophisticated products and systems need an equally sophisticated quality management and testing solution for targeted testing against requirements. This requires a coordinated approach to systems and software quality management, including verification and validation throughout the lifecycle and across all engineering assets.

QODES quality management and testing solutions allow the linking of tests to requirements and design artifacts, using an automated testing and defect management framework. This systems testing process enables more targeted testing against requirements, helping designers to understand the impact of test failures, while maintaining test suites in the face of changing project priorities. Our testing solutions can help to reduce testing times and costs, enabling earlier and more frequent testing for delivering quality that endures.






What We Offer

Ad-hoc testing
Acceptance Testing
Automated testing
Black Box testing
System Integration Testing
Compatibility testing
Component Testing
End-to-end Testing
Exploratory Testing
Functional Testing
GUI (Graphical User Interface) testing
Load Testing
Performance Testing
Regression Testing
Smoke testing
Security Testing
Stress Testing
Unit testing
User Acceptance testing (UAT )
White box Testing